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Video Joiner is an easy to use multimedia joiner that allows you to join many different video, graphic and audio files to one output video or audio file. Video Joiner can also extract frames from video files, or just convert graphic files to other graphic formats. Video Joiner can recompress input files before including them into a collated file. This allows you to join files created in different formats as well as select any CODEC installed on your system as the compressor for output file. You can also change the output file resolution, frame rate, number of audio channels, mono or stereo, and more. Video Joiner Features at a Glance: * Collate clips of variable frame rate and resolution * Merge different file formats such as AVI, MP2, WAV, OGG, JPEG, and more * Collate to several outputs at once (user-selectable filter) * Use any system-installed CODEC when recompressing * Create DVD, SVCD, and VCD slide-shows from your video clips * Manipulate video clips to improve image resolution * Preview collated file from within Video Joiner * Use the Step-By-Step Wizard to easily collate your video clips.

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